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Earn up to 10% with Intelligent 1-Click Payment

How much time do you waste paying invoices each month?

DingoDot is a fintech app for business owners that simplifies invoice payments and makes money on free cashflow. Go for autopilot and earn up to 10% p.a. on your payments. Our software finds your unpaid invoices, alerts you, and with a simple click - it’s done.

Earn money

Simple. Efficient.
And You Earn.

  • Sign up

    Set up an account using your already existing Gmail or Outlook. DingoDot will take care of the rest.

  • New Invoice

    Get notified on your mobile phone of unpaid invoice(s). You’ll be alerted when an unpaid bill is detected.

  • One-click Payment

    Pay with one simple click. No need for sharing from one channel to the next. DingoDot does it all.

  • Get rewarded

    Get 10% p.a. from every invoice paid. You and the payment recipient will also get a transaction notification.

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Get in line quickly, as we’ll be rolling out the money machine in the order that you’ve registered. Our first user will get an extra money-making bonus. Move fast!

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Case study

For Entrepreneurs Just like You

My business is growing fast and with more people on board financial discipline becomes a pain. Pay an invoice to my first contractor? Yes! But to 10 every month? Look I have so many priorities. This is so hard to delegate and so easy to mess up. This is a nightmare and it gets worse every month. Please, how come that in 2022 the founders must still spend hours on payments? Would there ever be a solution?

Jozef Kovac co-founder Exponea, Ayanza

Sound familiar?

With DingoDot, business owners like you:

  • reduce time spent on paying bills by 4 hours. Monthly.
  • eliminate human errors.
  • ensure everyone gets paid on time.
  • put €300 in their pocket each month.

How much crypto can I earn monthly with the use of DingoDot?

Your monthly expenses on bills: Your estimated yearly Cashback up to: 50€ Join me on waiting list

DingoDot invests own capital during this period and shares the profit with you. Not bad, eh?

Easy as 1-2-3

How DingoDot Works

Notifications: DingoDot tracks down new incoming bills and bank transactions every 10 minutes. You’ll be informed instantly about new invoice detected in your mailbox, matched directly to transactions from your bank. You won’t be in overdue anymore.

Open prototype

Payments: Unpaid bill details are extracted and ready to pay. Confirm this bill payment to arrive to vendor just in time before its due day. Check how much earn in meantime, thanks to early payment.

Authorization: Double check the prefilled payment details and authorize it with your bank. Your money are on the way to vendor, and DingoDot use its own funds to earn some crypto for you. All costs and risks are on DingoDot, but yield is yours.

Summary: Get a summary where you can see how much you earned in crypto and when the vendor will receive the payment. Share the bills and payments with your accountant or let DingoDot do it for you

Overview: Get an overview of all crypto earnings this year (YTD), and all missed opportunities of payments done outside of DingoDot.

How much

Get the Best Package for Your Business

One-man show Free startred 0 /mo 0 /mo Free forever It's on us Key Benefits
  • 1 Click payments
  • Cashback on payments (max €5/mo)
  • New invoice notifications
Join the waiting list No commitment Additional Benefits
  • Prediction of next month’s cash position
  • Smart payment notifications for business partners
  • BONUS: Free upgrade of your current bank for a neobank features without switch IBAN
Larger team with CFO Expert from 250 /mo from 300 /mo billed yearly from 3000€ VAT included Key Benefits
  • OpenAPI for 3rd party integration incl. accounting
  • Management of multiple companies
  • Advanced cost saving and money making tips
  • Add team members and user management
  • Rules & policies management
  • Unlimited digital storage incl. backups
  • Everything from Professional package
Join the waiting list No commitment Additional Benefits
  • Employees double-check
  • Critical notification to business owner
  • Budgeting anomalies
  • Peers group/similar size or industry and region companies anomalies

How DingoDot Stacks up against Competitors

DingoDot sniffs out bills and invoices in your email. He checks all payments from your bank account and matches them up. DingoDot detects your incoming bills in emails and prefill all payment details for you. You just click on payment notification in your phone and earn extra money while payment arrives to your vendor. After that, your loyal servant delivers all docs to your accountant so you don’t have to.

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DIngoDot + your bank Neo-banks Your existing bank
Notification of unpaid invoice
1 Click Payment
  • Automatic, accurate, and secure payment
  • Autonomous payment
  • Vendor payment intelligence (you set the rules)
Earning on Payment
  • 10% p.a. for every invoice paid, while the money arrives to your vendor
No switching cost
  • Keep the same bank, email and accountant (CPA) you already use
Simplified accounting
  • All invoices matched up with transactions and delivered to your accountant

Don’t Wait.
DingoDot Moves Fast.

Get in line quickly, as we’ll be rolling out the money machine in the order that you’ve registered. Our first user will get an extra money-making bonus. Move fast!

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