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Dingo will cover your accounting with our dedicated accountant.

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"Having a small company I have to collect receipts all month long, then at the end I have to sit down with my bank, dig through my email... This all takes times and DingoDot helps to automate it doing much of the work himself. I like that a lot."

Matus, Freelancer

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When does my accountant receive the documents?

DingoDot sends your documents in Excel format over email to your accountant at 19:00 / 7 PM CET.

Why do you need to access my email?

In order to find invoices and bills DingoDot needs to access your inbox to search it for relevant documents.

How is my private data secured?

We have a fully secure 1024-bit encrypted connection with your data accessible only to your user account. The data is stored on secure Microsoft servers in the cloud.

Why do you need access to my bank account?

DingoDot matches invoices and bills from your email with individual transactions for the given period. The connection is fully secure and read-only. It can be disabled at any time in the app or in your bank account.

What information does DingoDot see and what does it do with other non-payment documents?

DingoDot only searches for documents as attachments to email, if it finds documents that cannot be read or are irrelevant, he will show them in order for you to manually match with a transaction in case its a payment document.

How soon after registration will I see invoices appear in DingoDot?

DingoDot starts his document hunt right away once your email has been connected. Usually it takes him minutes or a maximum of half an hour in case it is the first time. However you should start seeing documents already within a few minutes.

How fast will I be able to see my invoices matched with my bank transactions?

Once DingoDot finds a document and has access to the bank account he will right away try to match identified documents with transactions. When he is unable to match documents you will see how many transactions have not been matched and need to be completed manually.

Where can I get help?

You can either launch a chat with someone from the team, write to or go to friends to get answers from the community.

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