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DingoDot is the AI powered best friend of a freelancer or business owner. He plays along nicely with your accountant as well.

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Benefits & Advantages

You'll wonder how you ever did this manually.

DingoDot sniffs out bills & invoices in your email, checks all payments from your bank and matches them up. Once done he delivers the docs to your accountant on time and digitally. Instead of you.

  • Free up time for what matters
  • Insights into expenses, revenues and profits
  • No more missing documents
  • Prevent fraud & duplicity bills Coming soon
  • Pair your bills automatically
  • Notice unpaid invoices Coming soon
  • Remind clients of due dates automatically Coming soon
  • Export documents easily Google Drive, OneDrive, XLS
Easy as 1-2-3

How can DingoDot help you today

DingoDot finds all invoices and bills in your mailbox and matches them with transactions from your bank. He also finds new docs every 10 minutes.

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DingoDot checks your documents and tries to match them with transactions automatically. Those that he can't match he will tag for manual review.

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Search all your bills, invoices and payments in full-text from a single app whenever you get a call from your accountant or need to find a receipt for a warranty claim.

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You can see all your income & expenses as well as estimated taxes in near future in a simple, but powerful dashboard. Feel free to send files to your accountant or let DingoDot do the accounting for you. Check the attached XLS report below for more info.

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DingoDot automatically builds a digital archive of your bills and invoices on your personal Google Drive or OneDrive. You'll get an Excel file as a register of all your documents with auto-matched payments in your bank for each accounting period.

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"Having a small company I have to collect receipts all month long, then at the end I have to sit down with my bank, dig through my email... This all takes times and DingoDot helps to automate it doing much of the work himself. I like that a lot."

Matus, Freelancer

You are in
safe hands

  • Personal data encryption
  • Intelligent results without wasted time
  • Your data can only be accessed by yourself
    Your data is not being sold or forwarded to anyone else. They are only yours.
  • Responsible & verified output
Easy integration

Sync with emails with more than 1800+ banks in the EU and 50+ in UK

We integrate with tools you love to help you become even better. Sync DingoDot with your accounts and automate your workflow. Podporujeme 1800+ bánk v Európe a 50+ v UK

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